3020 Electromechanical Deadlock

3020 Electromechanical Deadlock

Electric 24VDC solenoid power and manual key unlocking.  Designed to mount in a standard 2″ deep hollow metal frame face.


The 3020 is ideal for access control in secure areas of commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial buildings.  This lock is available in “Fail secure” (FSE), the power to unlock, or, “Fail safe” (FS), the power to lock, modes.  Standard function is maintained switch latch holdback (MSLH).

Commonly used in minimum/medium security correction facilities, the 3020 series provides remotely controlled electric and manual key unlocking of detention area sleeping room and exit doors.

The narrow depth of the 3020 allows mortise mounting in a standard (i.e. 2″ trim) hollow metal door frame or an architectural metal tube (e.g. borrowed light frame mullion). The installation is architecturally unobtrusive and affords superior impact and tamper resistance.

Available options include:

-key cylinders

-key cylinder extensions

-mechanical latch holdback by key

For other options and functions, please contact us.


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